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Art faculty reveal their creativity at Archer Gallery show      

Faculty Biennial at Archer Gallery

Professor Kathrena Halsinger discusses her work with a student at the opening of the Art Faculty Biennial.

Clark art faculty spend their time at the college fostering and honing their students’ creative skills. But what about their own creative work? At the Art Faculty Biennial in Archer Gallery, running through February 8, everyone has a chance to see what the college’s faculty produce when they’re not busy teaching.

Faculty Biennial at Archer Gallery

Wind and Drive and SIX6JEWELS, archival prints by art instructor Mariana Tres.

The wide range of their creativity was on display during the show’s opening reception on January 14, as faculty, students, and other visitors gazed at works that ranged from painting to ceramics to multimedia installations.

“I think it’s a really diverse show, but everything still fits very well together,” said art professor Kathrena Halsinger as she stood in front of her own contribution, a linked collection of digital prints. It hung between sculpture instructor Beth Heron’s installation of aluminum and bright-blue glass and Marina Tres’ striking, large-format prints of old watch gears.

Faculty Biennial at Archer Gallery

All Fall Down, multi-channel video by art professor Senseney Stokes.

Many visitors paused at length before Professor Senseney Stokes’ All Fall Down, in which a stack of vintage black-and-white televisions showed linked video footage of gravel falling through a tube that seemed to travel from one screen to the next. Stokes, who is on sabbatical to learn gallery management in preparation for becoming Archer Gallery’s new director, said that she collected many of the old televisions years ago from thrift stores or just off the side of the road, but that these days they’re almost impossible to find. “I had to get the rest off of eBay,” she said with a wry smile.


Faculty Biennial at Archer Gallery

Left to right, art faculty members Gabriel Parque, Carson Legree, Lisa Conway, Senseney Stokes, Grant Hottle, and Kathrena Halsinger.

Art professor emeritus Carson Legree, who is currently serving as Archer Gallery’s director this academic year, said that the Art Faculty Biennial is different from other shows that the gallery hosts, which often feature works by prominent artists in the region and the country. “This show really is about the campus, and about the students, and about faculty members’ relationships with each other and with their students,” she explained. “I think it’s interesting for students, because they see we’re all still working artists, we’re all still trying new things.”


Kelsey Lavin sketches her professor’s work during the Art Faculty Biennial.

Student Kelsey Lavin confirmed Legree’s statement. “It’s inspiring to see more than one type of art, to see all the different styles,” she said, pausing for a moment in her sketches of Professor Lisa Conway’s ceramic flowers to point to instructor Ben Killen Rosenberg’s watercolors on a free-standing wall nearby. “I have always respected the faculty here, and this [show] just adds to that.”

Lavin, 23, has taken two art classes at Clark, and hopes to take more before her anticipated graduation in 2015. A first-generation college student, she is considering entering the college’s Associate of Fine Art degree program, with the end goal of becoming an art teacher and working artist herself.

Legree said that she hoped that everyone at the college–students, faculty, and staff–would visit the show. “It gives the rest of the college a chance to see our work,” she said. “We really do have a very strong and vibrant department.”

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Photos: Clark College/Jenny Shadley