Vision Quest


Associate Vice President of Planning and Effectiveness Shanda Diehl

On Opening Day 2013, Associate Vice President for Planning and Effectiveness Shanda Diehl explained the college’s approach to creating its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. “Since we will use the strategic plan as a tool to make decisions, we need all of your feedback during its development,” she said, mapping out how that would take place.

The process began on Opening Day with employees being randomly assigned to groups of 12. These groups met for an hour to discuss how each individual member helped support student learning, which the college has identified as the common purpose that unites all departments and programs.

These groups will meet again in October, November, January, and February to discuss different aspects of student learning.

After the small-group meetings, employees gathered near Andersen Fountain for a complimentary lunch, where some of them discussed the previous activity.

New Career Services employee Alex Martin

New Career Services employee Alex Martin

“You tend to stick with the people you know, so it was a good way to meet new people at the college,” said Facilities Services Office Assistant Ramona Sott. “And it’s important to be talking about this: How do we help the students here get a better education, and get them to stay?”

“I thought it was fun,” said Career Services employee (and Clark ’09 graduate) Alex Martin, who found herself providing feedback for the college’s future on her first day of work. “We had custodians in our group, people in Admissions, all kinds of employees–it was great. I learned a lot.”