Welcome, Tim!

Tim Petta welcome reception

Clark College Foundation President and CEO Lisa Gibert, center, gives new Director of Facilities Services Tim Petta, right, a warm welcome.

Incoming Director of Facilities Services Tim Petta was welcomed warmly by the Clark College community at a reception in the Baird rotunda on Friday, November 15. Petta joined the college on November 4.

Petta has extensive experience in facilities management at the University of California Los Angeles, where he was Senior Educational Facility Planner. As part of UCLA’s facilities management team, he was responsible for supporting 175 on-campus and 100 off-campus buildings. He has been involved in a number of large new construction projects–from design and document review to building and commissioning.

Tim Petta

Director of Facilities Services holds his welcome-to-Clark gift of a framed photo of the Chime Tower.

Petta began his career early, working in construction while in high school and college. He studied computer science at California State University Northridge, but decided to instead go into plumbing. He quickly rose to a management position, and has taken management courses through Dale Carnegie Training, Fred Pryor Seminars, and other companies, as well as college courses in mechanical engineering.

As Director of Facilities Services, Petta oversees all capital projects at the Clark College, ranging from the soon-to-be-built STEM Building to minor repairs and improvements. He is also responsible for the maintenance, grounds, and custodial services provided to the college every day. His department includes more than 50 full- and part-time staff in all facilities trades, from maintenance mechanics to grounds specialists to custodians.

Vice President of Administrative Services Bob Williamson welcomed Petta with a framed photo of the Chime Tower and a bright orange Administrative Services T-shirt.


Photos: Clark College/Jenny Shadley