Fall 2016 Classified Staff Award: Carmen Roman

Congratulations to Carmen Roman, recipient of the 2016 Fall Quarter Classified Staff Excellence Award!

Carmen Roman

Carmen Roman

Roman is a Program Specialist 2 for the Advising Services department. She is someone who is described by her nominators as “giving a consistent high-level of service to the students, the public, the community and to co-workers.”

Nominators had the following to say about Roman:

“Carmen’s unique ability to adjust to all modes and levels of communication is unmatched … It is quite common for students from all walks of life and experiences to applaud this extra attention Carmen gives them during advising sessions. A recent example was relayed from the BMED department on how a student who met with Carmen spoke highly of her to the BMED department head and said that if it wasn’t for the encouragement she received from Carmen, she may have given up on her aspirations to work in the medical field.”

“Carmen is a consummate professional who combines her advising expertise with genuine care and concern for the best interests of students and of the college. She works actively and diligently to learn about and to provide information about all corners of the campus (important dates, instructional departments, program requirements, pre-reqs, assessment, financial aid, etc., etc.). She exemplifies the team approach that is necessary for effective delivery of student services. Knowing that students often “don’t know what they don’t know,” Carmen seeks to provide the most relevant pieces of information with the understanding that students’ needs change and evolve as they progress through their programs of study. She is outstanding at giving the right service, in the right manner, at the right time – all with seemingly limitless patience and kindness.”

Congratulations as well to this quarter’s other nominees:

Lorraine Browne Leedy is the Faculty Development Program Specialist at the Teaching and Learning Center. Many in the college community are aware of Lorraine’s “high-quality work” and she “seems to always be able to lend a hand when called upon–she consistently finds time to help her coworkers.” Browne Leedy displays creativity and superior communication skills that are invaluable when planning and delivering many professional development activities each year. Her ability to plan, organize and manage events is why she is considered a key member of any new training initiative. Browne Leedy is described as a “valued college employee, excellent team member, subject matter expert, superior communicator, and terrific example of a high-performing employee.”

Kay Martinez works as a Custodian in the Custodial Services Department. Nominators describe Martinez as someone who works hard and always maintains a positive attitude. Though Martinez works tremendously hard to keep the STEM building looking its best, she always takes a moment to be courteous and to greet faculty, staff and students. Many view her as someone who is excellent at her job, has a strong work ethic, and will go out of her way to assist others. In fact, “Kay’s excellent work ethic and affability” come up in conversations with STEM faculty and staff. A nominator stated that Kay’sdedication to Clark College should serve as a model for others.”

Hanna Maxwell is a Student Recruitment Specialist for the Enrollment Services Department and is described as an “essential” on the team. Maxwell is seen as someone who provides the best in customer service to students, parents, college partners, and community members while keeping a smile and positive attitude. A nominator stated, “no matter what the issue, she brings a determination to answer questions and find solutions in an accessible way.” Another wrote that she “brings a supreme level of care to her presentation and style. She has explained to hundreds, if not thousands, of students over her six months at Clark the benefits of a college education, and has helped many take the first step to changing their lives.”

Hannah Erickson is a Communications Specialist in the Communications and Marketing Department, but many know her as “the voice of Clark.” Being a steward of the voice requires masterful storytelling, openness, honesty, a caring nature, and the ability to be real and informative–all of which a nominator says Erickson represents. Erickson’s role can be challenging at times, but she always goes above and beyond and brings a “high level of integrity and dedication to her work.” One of her colleagues describes her as the “go-to for all things problem-solving. She is my sounding board from interpersonal work relationships, to navigating a project, to just finding the right word to make an email sound the way I want. She takes my ideas and makes them real with her great writing. I am happy to have her as my collaborator on all the things I do here at Clark.”

Tia Schmidt is an Administrative Assistant in the Nursing Department and sees things from an optimistic viewpoint. Her nominators describe her as “professional, respectful, thoughtful, mindful, and intentional in the way she approaches her job and her coworkers.” Unfailingly polite is how many view Schmidt’s interactions with faculty, staff and students, and she always seems to keep her eye on “the big picture.” A nominator wrote, “I have called on Tia repeatedly for assistance with a wide variety of needs/problems/challenges, and each time she has come through with information, guidance, resources, clarification, and direct help. She doesn’t complain or ask for any special acknowledgement–she just does her job to the best of her ability every day.”

Mitch Sott works in WPTE as a Maintenance Mechanic and is described as “indispensable” to the department–someone who “goes above and beyond the call of duty” to accomplish tasks. Students know Sott and the question isn’t, “What has Mitch fixed for us?” but rather, “What hasn’t he fixed for us?” Sott is described as positive role model, friendly, and a valuable asset to Clark College.  Nominators said his incredible work ethic is something for them to aspire to. “When we need something done, Mitch spends the time discussing it with us so that he knows exactly what we want and is able to accommodate our needs.”

Photo: Clark College/Jenny Shadley