Open House: Veterans Center of Excellence

Left to right: Veterans Center of Excellence staff Megan Anderson, Eli Gonzalez-Roman, Monica Patton, and Donna Larson with Oswald (center).

The Clark College Veterans Center of Excellence welcomed student veterans and potential students during its spring open house on April 22.

The Clark College veteran is any military-affiliated student at Clark: veterans, active duty, or military dependent (spouse or child).

Often when students enroll at Clark College, they aren’t aware of the assistance they can receive at the veterans center. Even students who are not veterans themselves but have a parent or spouse who is or was a veteran may qualify for Veterans Affairs (VA) education benefits.

VCOE staff can connect student veterans to agencies, programs, and support. Fostering a sense of belonging and space here at Clark is important, and the Veterans Club for students is starting up again.

We were excited to have a great turnout from our current VCOE students, college staff, the Clark College Foundation, and our VCOE advisor board members. We are working on creating a video with the Digital Media Arts 215 class, and we were so encouraged when half the class came to the open house to hang out and get to know our staff, and see our space.

Our veteran staff at the center can help military-affiliated students with their educational journey. We have an academic advisor, VA certifying official, veteran workstudy employees, and more. We offer free tutoring for math and English. We have programs for student success focusing on the whole health of the veteran. That includes help with books and calculators; offering useful workshops; providing a study area with computers and printers; lounge and games for relaxation; networking with other veterans and more.

Clark College Veterans Center of Excellence