BUILD 2023-24

Jennifer Obbard, Heidi Summers, and Dr. Tina Redd present their project to an audience of their peers.

The fifth class of Clark’s Broadening Understanding, Intercultural Leadership and Development program (BUILD) presented their projects to the college community on May 20 and 23. The BUILD cohort’s graduation was May 24.

BUILD is a nine-month cohort-based program designed to develop intercultural competency and equity in leadership amongst Clark College staff, faculty, and students. The program encourages participants to explore power, privilege, and inequity and their implications through awareness, learning, and practicing social equity.

Our BUILD program challenges faculty and staff to work together for nine months to go through the equitable decision-making process leading to the creation of a thought-provoking project proposal that challenges the status quo and has the capacity to make a difference in the equity work at the college.   

Below are this year’s eight teams of the BUILD Silver Cohort and their projects:

Project: Microaggressions: Recognition & Response

Team: Dr. Tina Redd (Office of Instruction), Jennifer Obbard (Nursing), Brad Avakian (Human Resources), Sudha Frederick (Information Technology Services), Heidi Summers (Transitional, English, Communities & Humanities)  

Description: Create a community of practice around speaking up when microaggressions occur based on a basic assumption and strategies to interrupt.

Project: A Tool for Increasing Access to PPI Training

Team: Mike Arnold (Physical Education), Thao Schmidt (Human Resources), Cole Timpone (Entry Services), Stacie Murdoch (Office of Instruction)

Description: We have created a Microsoft Form survey that can be sent to all Clark employees and will capture helpful scheduling information to help increase inclusion and campus-wide allies.

Project:  Accessibility – Accessible Document-Making Tool

Team: Donna Potts (Nursing), Vanessa Bural (Human Resources), DJ Scates (Student Success Programs), Billie Trimbo (Child & Family Services), Dan Palow (Clark College Foundation)

Description: Using accessible technology is vital to the success of all members of our college community. Equip yourself with this Accessible Document Making Tool to make your communication more accessible for your audience.

Project: Understanding the challenges and triumphs of ESL students at Clark College: A learning, reflecting, and action session for faculty and staff

Team: Rocio Rodriguez (Office of Instruction), Olga Lyubar (Health Information Management), Tyler Frank (Career and Academic Preparation), Emily Meoz (Advising), Justin Stokes (Clark College Foundation)

Description: Staff and faculty are invited to participate in an interactive learning and reflection session about how to better support current and alumni ESL students in Transitional Studies. Hear real student stories and reflections on what successes they had and why, what challenges they faced, and what could have been better.

Project:  Social Justice Canvas Shell

Team: Tre Sandlin (Teaching and Learning Center), Tosha Big Eagle (Workforce Education Services), Cecelia Martin (Planning and Effectiveness)

Description: The project centers on a Canvas Shell meant to help student employees at Clark explore Social Justice issues asynchronously and learn about the various populations of students they’ll support here.

Project: Proposal to implement an I-BEST model for Allied Health (AH) 100 to recruit and retain more English Language Learners in the allied health pathways.

Team: Amy Castellano (Phlebotomy), Alejandra Maciulewicz-Herring (Medical Assisting), Hudson Fox (Disability Support Services) Grace Spadoro (Advising)

Description: Creating a list and canvas page of resources and supports at Clark College. Also creating a list and template of classroom modifications to implement in the classroom.

Project: Using I-Best to Help English Language Learners Succeed in Allied Health Programs

Team: Donna Larson (Veterans Resource Center of Excellence), Angie Bailey (Nursing), Aaron Campbell (Advising), Kelly Eagan (Transitional Studies), Sarah Kuzera (Medical Assisting)

Description:  Proposal to implement an I-BEST model for Allied Health (AH) 100 to recruit and retain more English Language Learners in the allied health pathways.

Project: English Conversation Groups: Connecting ESL Students to Clark College

Team: Karl Bailey (Chemistry), Sara Gallow (English as a Second Language), Lauren Wooten (Economic and Community Development), Lucy Mackintosh (Libraries)

Description: An event that connects instructors and staff from outside the ESL program with students in the ESL program. The purpose is to increase students’ knowledge of the college and to encourage them to continue their education after they complete their CAP classes.

Employees hold up stop signs when they recognize microaggressions.

Learn more:

  • Because BUILD is a leadership and development program, the true value is the inward reflection needed for outward action and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism work.
  • As with most leadership development programs, a foundational component is learning that before one leads others, there is great importance in leading oneself. This means intentional self-reflection to better understand one’s values and beliefs while also doing internal work to expand knowledge and understanding to grow.
  • During the BUILD program, participants complete a series of ODEI antiracist trainings to build knowledge and skills toward equity leadership and intercultural competency. 
  • Upon completion of the program, folx are expected to serve as equity ambassadors in their respective areas to advocate that policies, processes, procedures, decision-making, communications, and services are developed, implemented, and assessed equitably and in ways that center student and employee populations that most often experience inequitable outcomes in learning and workplace environments. 
  • The ODEI team adds graduates to a BUILD Graduates listserv, which allows folx to reach out to these graduates to serve on a committee, workgroup, and so on. The college community, and beyond, continues to have a high interest in growing in intercultural leadership and development.

Apply to join the 2024-2025 BUILD Yellow cohort: View the application here.

Photos: Clark College/Susan Parrish