The Swift Literary Journal

For many authors, this was their first time reading their work publically.

The Clark College community celebrated the annual publication of The Swift, the college’s student-run literary journal at a release party that included student readings, coffee and pastries, and stacks of the 2024 issue on May 9 in PUB 161.

As people entered the room, they picked up the journal, sat, and began reading. Many who attended were published in this issue. For some, it was their first time being published.

The event had a very supportive and attentive crowd for the newly published authors.

The Swift’s contributing writers and poets are Clark students and alumni. This edition features the work of 23 writers and includes 10 poems, 10 works of short fiction, and 6 works of short nonfiction. The annual journal was edited by first-time student editors.

In 2023, Clark published the first issue of The Swift. Formerly, Clark College featured art and literature in a single magazine Phoenix, which now focuses strictly on art: This is the second annual volume of The Swift.

Dawn Knopf, Clark English professor (pictured above) and advisor of The Swift, welcomed the guests and invited the writers to take a turn reading their work at the podium. What followed was a lovely time of students reading their work aloud for the appreciative audience.

Poet Colin Sandberg (pictured above) introduced his poem, “Rock and Stone” by saying, “This is my first published work. It starts with an epigraph from Mary Oliver’s A Poetry Handbook.”

As he read, all listened intently. When he finished reading, they clapped. Then the next published writer walked to the podium.

About The Swift

Funded by the Associated Students of Clark College (ASCC), The Swift: Clark College Literary Journal is dedicated to publishing skillful and inventive creative writing by Clark students, alumni, and staff. The journal is student-run and supported by faculty and staff from the Art and English Departments. Students enrolled in English 277 start the production of the journal each Fall Quarter. An editorial staff of literary students continues production work during winter term with the publication and distribution of the annual journal occurring spring term each year.

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Submit your poem, fiction, or nonfiction short piece for publication: The Swift: accepts submissions from the Clark College community, including students, faculty, staff, and alumni. For submission guidelines and timelines contact

Get involved as a staff member: Contact faculty adviser Dawn Knopf, Director of The Swift at or

Become a better writer. Sign up for a writing class offered during the 2024-25 academic year:

  • English 121: Intro to Creative Writing
  • English 125: Fiction Writing
  • English 126: Poetry Writing
  • English 127: Creative Nonfiction Writing
  • English 128: Graphic Fiction Writing
  • English 277: Literary Publication

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Photos: Clark College/Jenny Shadley