Art Student Annual 2024

Dozens gathered at Archer Gallery for the opening reception of the Art Student Annual exhibit on June 4.

Archer Gallery was packed, animated, and noisy as dozens of student artists stood in front of their creations and talked to art appreciators about their work. The opening reception and awards ceremony for the Art Student Annual exhibition of Clark College art students drew students, faculty, staff, family members and the community on June 4.

This annual juried exhibit features Clark College art students’ work created in the past year chosen by their Clark College art professors. The strength and breadth of this artwork reflect the hard work, dedication, and unique voices of Clark students.

“This year’s exhibit received 100 more submissions and features almost twice the pieces compared to last year’s exhibit,” said Archer Gallery Director Kendra Larson. Students created their work in the past year. Their art professors curated the work.

Grant Hottle, art professor and head of the art department, said, “I’m absolutely stunned by the level of craft, emotion, passion, and sheer creativity on display this year. We have a superb group of student artists who are producing work at an exceptional level and their hard work and energy is palpable in Archer Gallery.”

“Clark art students contributed some stunning artwork to this year’s exhibit,” said Larson, “The creativity and craftsmanship was top notch. The opening reception was a great way to celebrate all their hard work this year.”

2024 Art Student Annual by the Numbers:

  • 250 submissions
  • 122 pieces chosen for the exhibit
  • 69 student artists included
  • 17 awards
  • 15 sponsors

2024 Awards

  • Best Painting: Hana Lowenthal
  • Second in Painting: Casey Maomay
  • Third in Painting: Lindsey Bross
  • Best Drawing: Maddy Bisila
  • Second in Drawing: Yuliia Umanets
  • Third in Drawing: Ally Rounds
  • Best Ceramics: Raina Perkins
  • Second in Ceramics: Mara Schwenneker
  • Best in Printmaking: Lee Weselmann
  • Best Graphic Design: Gretel Schmidt
  • Best Silver Gelatin Print: Raiden Concannon
  • Best Photography: Oliver Romero
  • Second Photography: McKeena Green
  • Third Photography: Olivia Smith
  • Best in Metals: Lindsey LaPore
  • Best in Show: Esmirna Zeledon
  • Most Ambitious: Maddy Bisila

Awards prizes were provided by Gamblin Paint, BarbaMingo Restaurant, Clark College Bookstore, I’ve Been Framed Art Supply, Collage, Georgie’s Ceramics, Blick Art Materials, McClain’s Print Supply, Independent Publishing Resource Center, Blue Moon Photo, Pro Photo, Portland Art Museum, Oregon Contemporary (Ox), and Niche Wine Bar.

Exhibition Schedule:

  • Dates: June 4-14
  • Gallery hours: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday until the closing reception and “Phoenix” unveiling from noon-3 p.m. on June 13.

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