Fall 2017 Classified Excellence Award: Jessica Beach

Jessica Beach

Jessica Beach

Congratulations to Jessica Beach, recipient of the 2017 Fall Quarter Classified Staff Excellence Award!

Jessica Beach is Secretary Senior for Transitional Studies. Jessica is described as someone who is committed, efficient, kind, respectful, timely, and responsible, and who provides outstanding customer service. One nominator said, “Jessica is an optimistic and enthusiastic team member, and she’s not only good at collaborating, but she also makes it fun. The work environment is made better by Jessica’s presence: She creates a welcoming and productive work space here, and this helps everyone else do their job more easily.”

Being an active member of the college community, Jessica regularly participates on committees, serves in leadership roles, and takes advantage of a variety of professional development opportunities so that she can improve her skills as a supervisor. Jessica not only cares for her own training needs, but also the needs of her staff. Her nominator said, “Jessica ensures that she and her staff have the resources and training needed to meet the needs of everyone who seeks their assistance.”

Jessica supervises a classified Program Assistant, two part-time program assistants, and up to eight student employees, both in a computer lab and at a very busy reception desk. She takes her role as a supervisor very seriously. Her goal is to help her staff members to perform their jobs well, to grow professionally, and to work within the WPEA contract and the law. She voluntarily attends trainings to increase her skills as a supervisor and her understanding of labor law.

One of her direct reports states that, “Jessica is very knowledgeable! She is patient in her training and shows appreciation for a job well done.” Another says, “Jessica does a great job of keeping the team moving toward our goals, maintaining a productive work environment.”

Below are comments from Jessica’s colleagues:

  • “Over the past year, Jessica has taken on the role of BEECH’s primary administrator for EvaluationKit, the online software for student evaluations. In this role, she set up 284 classes to be evaluated in 2016-17. The process is very complex and the data needed to be entered perfectly in order for the nearly 6,000 students in these 284 classes to be able to complete and submit their evaluations. Jessica has done an excellent job with EvaluationKit and I find that with her overseeing it for the BEECH Unit, I never have to worry about this contractual part of the faculty evaluation process being completed correctly and on-time.”
  • “Jessica has been a joy to work with because she is always available to answer questions and clarify a process (no matter how many times I ask). She responds quickly to emails and phone calls. Also, she is always available if I just stop by with a question. All my interactions with Jessica have been pleasant and helpful. I am able to focus on my job because she provides such wonderful support. She is amazing and truly a collaborative partner in Transitional Studies.”
  • “Jessica is always willing to help me navigate the paperwork involved with attending conferences, ordering supplies. She is very professional and timely and knows what she is doing.”
  • “Jessica has been an essential resource for me as a new faculty member in Transitional Studies. Her support and assistance have been excellent, and I have found her to be VERY timely in responding to my many questions. I’m happy to have her!”
  • “I value Jessica’s input at staff meetings and her willingness to volunteer. I enjoy her sense of humor when she is attempting to rehome furniture and other equipment.”

Congratulations, as well, to all nominees for the Fall 2017 Quarter Classified Staff Excellence Award:

Amanda Brown is the Library and Archives Para 3 at Cannell Library and is described as a dependable colleague who is instrumental in inventing ways to make the student experience better. Brown started at Clark College as a work-study student assistant and loved the community so much that she decided to stay at Clark College. Brown was eventually promoted to part-time work leader and then full-time Circulation and Summit Borrowing Technician; shortly after, supervisor duties were added to her position.

Comments about Brown include:

  • “She always has great ideas and shares those ideas in efforts to make the library and Clark College even greater places to be. Amanda is truly an asset to the Clark College community.”
  • “Amanda is consistently a go-to person. She is respected immensely by faculty, staff, students and the public. Anytime someone has an issue or needs to learn how to do a task, they ask Amanda. She’s easy to work with, she is a great listener, and values the opinions of others.”
  •  “The students feel at ease as Amanda is approachable and warmly welcomes everyone to Cannell Library and Clark College.”

Heidi Eckman, Fiscal Technician Supervisor, and Amy Fankhauser, Secretary Senior, both work at the Bookstore. Both Eckman and Fankhauser were nominated on the same nomination form and are described as having infectious spirits that customers value. With staffing changes, Eckman and Fankhauser have stepped up tremendously, and their nominator calls them “rock stars!”

Other comments about Eckman and Fankhauser include:

  • “They have helped ensure scheduling for cashiers goes smoothly.”
  • “Even during the crazy times, they were very creative in finding ways to help students and faculty. Whether it is helping students with questions from other departments or covering for a sick co-worker, they were there.”

Audrea Hagen is Secretary Senior for Mathematics and is described as an incredible asset to the department as well as calm, welcoming, cheerful, and responds with diligence and grace. When the division chair, John Mitchell, suggested to the Math department that Hagen be nominated, the response was a flood of supportive emails and testimonials to the value she provides to the math division.

Many praised Hagen’s creative efficiency. Nominators said, “We especially commend her ability to stay focused and productive on strategic tasks, while at the same time being a calm, welcoming, cheerful presence to the many students who need her help,” said the nomination. “Audrea has to serve a large volume of students, faculty, and staff every day. She always offers exceptionally thoughtful, patient, and supportive service. A particular strength is working calmly with students who angry or upset. Her calm, helpful demeanor has helped defuse potentially difficult situations.”

Hagen’s nominators said, “We know that asking Audrea a question about anything will result in our getting a prompt answer. If she doesn’t have the answer, she researches until she finds our answer.” Here are some testimonials to that effect:

  • “Audrea displays an exceptional work ethic juggling large, strategic tasks such as tracking the math division budget, setting up new instructors with all that they need, keeping our division supplies stocked and finding ways to streamline and improve the workings of our large division.”
  • John Mitchell wrote, “As a new division chair I was impressed with her diligence in her work, her knowledge of college systems and procedures, and her willingness to help me with the many questions I had as I started out. She was invaluable in helping me adjust to my new role.”
  • “Audrea has exceptional communication skills. She takes clear, concise meeting minutes that capture the spirit of the discussion. She articulates college policy and procedure in understandable terms when the division has questions. She has a remarkable ability to make complicated concepts clear and has unlimited patience for explaining. Because of her ability to really listen, she can quickly respond to our needs. This is a notable, and sometimes rare, characteristic that is very much appreciated by her division.”

Heather King is the Administrative Services Manager B for Business and Health Sciences and is described as someone who shows a consistently high level of service to the students, the public, the community, and coworkers. King is said to work tremendously hard to keep on top of all the administrative needs of the unit. Her nominator said, “She keeps the unit abreast of meetings and opportunities, and from an instructor’s point of view, things seem to go smoothly and I know that she is responsible for doing the administrative duties that give the unit a sense of direction and stability. She always is available to help with any question I have and she has the answer.”

Other comments about King include:

  • “She is always smiling and has a composed demeanor.”
  • “Her communication skills are professional and helpful.”

Jennifer Lea is Administrative Assistant 3 for the Business Division and is described as someone who is helpful and displays a collaborative attitude. Her nominator said, “Everyone in the business division thinks so highly of her and have expressed gratitude to her for all she does on their behalf.” Lea ensures that students feel welcomed and supported in addition to making sure new adjuncts have what they need to contribute to student success.

Other comments about Lea include:

  • “Jennifer makes sure that every faculty member in the division is aware of his or her schedule, book orders, travel requests, and all other details in a timely manner.”
  • “Jennifer has taken on helping the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) to take off.”
  • “She makes sure to follow up with every faculty member to make sure they have submitted whatever they need to submit—syllabi, book orders, travel requests, etc. She is instrumental in orienting new adjuncts.”


Photo: Clark College/Jenny Shadley