In support of social justice

Clark College is responsible to identify and dismantle systemic racist systems and build equity into everything we do. 

Message from Clark College Board of Trustees:

In recent weeks, a long overdue awakening and acknowledgement has taken place across the country. We have witnessed the senseless murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others who have lost their lives to racism. The cumulative trauma of these and hundreds of years of overt and systemic racism weighs heavily on communities of color and hold us all back as a society.

As the board of Trustees:

  • We are in solidarity with the College in standing with those who stand up against hate, state violence, and racial inequities; and we affirm our commitment to social justice and equity.
  • We acknowledge the disproportionate impact of this trauma on our faculty, staff, and students of color. We hear you; you matter and you belong here.
  • We hear the voices of Clark’s students when they say “Let our Voices Be Heard”, when they declare “Racism is Alive”; and we share in their hopefulness for the future. We hear you; you matter and you belong here.
  • We recognize that words can initiate change but action is what secures change. With that recognition we acknowledge our unique governance, policy, and fiduciary role and commit to listening, identifying and dismantling racist systems and policies, and ensuring that the Policies and Procedures of the Board of Trustees are consistently performed with an equity lens.

In solidarity, Clark College Board of Trustees 

Approved and Adopted June 10, 2020