Winter 2023 Quarterly Classified Staff Excellence Award

Congratulations to Manda (Jacqueline) Levie, Interim Unit Operations Manager, Social Sciences and Fine Arts, recipient of the 2023 Winter Quarter Classified Staff Excellence Award!

We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of the other nominees.


  • Alberto Clara-Urbina – Information Security Admin, IT Services
  • Angela Childers – Program Support Supervisor, Disability Support Services
  • Angela Dawson – Nursing Program Support Supervisor, Nursing
  • Cheryl Davenport – Cataloging Specialist, Technical Services, Library
  • Jeanette Steinmueller – Accounting and Business Tutor, Tutoring Services
  • Jillian Taylor-Valdez – Early Childhood Specialist, Child and Family Services
  • Katia Quintero – Student Success Coach, Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • Lindsey McKim – Campus Security Officer, Security and Safety
  • Marla Derrick – Program Coordinator, Athletics
  • Tracy Eyler – Early Childhood Program Support Specialist, Child and Family Services
  • Vickie Malcolm – Custodian, Facilities Services

Manda (Jacqueline) Levie, Interim Unit Operations Manager, Social Sciences and Fine Arts

“Manda is accurate and precise, timely, and helpful in her written communication (emails, documents, phone messages). She consistently asks pertinent follow up questions and thinks through scenario options when making decisions and implementing actions.” – a staff member

  • Manda has been a valued Clark College employee since 2013.
  • She continually demonstrates competency in using Clark Campus software with her ability to find directions, tips, and workarounds for software issues (CTCLINK, Excel, etc.).
  • She’s always quick to recommend/refer questions she can’t answer to other competent individuals on campus. She’s developed relationships and knowledge about campus expertise, because of her volunteer and committee work, and because she’s taken a LOT of Clark courses from instructors in several disciplines.

Alberto Clara-Urbina, IT Services

“Just imagine, if there were more employees in the work-place like Alberto! Alberto goes above and beyond in many ways in his job. He is very detailed oriented and hardworking. He has a busy work schedule by default working in IT, and makes a priority to be available to discuss important compliance and regulatory items that need to be addressed. Alberto contacted Risk Management to bring a risk GAP to our attention, which, in itself, was not easy.” – a staff member

  • Alberto has been a valued Clark College employee since 2020.
  • A lot of our interaction deals with compliance. Alberto manages to maintain a positive attitude and a sense of humor, which can be challenging to do when faced with complexities of his job. It’s his willingness to work collaboratively that really enhances a positive work environment.
  • He’s respectful in asking questions to inquire to include other team members that might be impacted by policies and regulations. I enjoy collaborating with Alberto and I am grateful for him being a part of the Clark College Community!

Angela Childers, Disability Support Services

“Angela is motivated to provide excellent access to students with disabilities as she creatively finds ways to schedule in person sign language interpreters, interpreters for Zoom classes, live captioning, and more!” – a staff member

  • Angela has been a valued Clark College employee since 2017.
  • Angela works tirelessly to advocate on improving the pay for the interpreters so they make a fair wage to industry standards and our students can have quality ASL interpretation. Angela also brings a willingness to adjust practices, be flexible, and change the way we offer services to equitably meet the needs of both students and staff interpreters.
  • Works to provide interpreters to all open campus events during a national shortage of ASL interpreters, thereby fostering an inclusive environment for deaf and hard-of-hearing members of campus and community.

Angela Dawson, Nursing

“Angela is highly organized, detail oriented and efficient. She is involved in almost every aspect of the program. She supports students, staff and faculty, and she does it so well, that sometimes you don’t even know what she is doing, you just know that everything is running smoothly.” – a faculty member

  • Angela has been a valued Clark College employee since 2016.
  •  Angela has the best attitude. Although she has listened to my frustrations a time or two, she has a way about her that never lets you sink into unhealthy complaining. She is a model of true grace under pressure and is always happy to lend a hand.
  • She is a leading force in improving organization and record keeping for accreditation purposes. Overall, Angela is a wealth of knowledge. When you need to know something she is your go to person,  and when she doesn’t know something, she knows where to direct you.

Cheryl Davenport, Library

“She works very hard to make sure that the library materials that are purchased for Clark students are added to the library catalog and easy discoverable by them. She also has a friendly demeanor that encourages colleagues to stop by, chat, and check in” – a faculty member

  • Cheryl has been a valued Clark College employee since 2000.
  • Books are not light and her willingness to use her strength to transport books home and back to the library shows her commitment to her work.
  • When Cheryl needs input from the librarians regarding the library catalog,  she attends reference meetings to explain what she needs, listens to what librarians think and moves forward with our librarian input.

Jeanette Steinmueller, Tutoring Services

“Jeanette has created homework help guides for the entire accounting sequence to help students through every single quarter, through every curriculum and every publication change. She diligently updates and works through ALL of the homework and course series for each class so that she is prepared to support the students in each program.” – a staff member

  • Jeanette has been a valued Clark College employee since 1998.
  • Jeanette regularly finds text and programing errors in the materials and has worked with the instructors and publishers to get these issues corrected prior to classes beginning, reducing a great deal of frustration and stress for students and faculty.
  • One student, Justin Jenks, that graduated years ago, went on to WSU-V and is now gainfully employed in our own community was recently chosen by the Vancouver Business Journal as “Accomplished and Under 40” dedicated his award to Jeanette and stated during his speech, “There is one person who has been on my mind a lot today, it’s Jeanette Steinmueller. She was just such a huge influence on my life. Not just because I got a great job because I became an accountant, but because she advocated for my success. She was there early, she stayed late for me, and she was there for thousands of students.”

Jillian Taylor-Valdez, Child and Family Services

“She is very good at communicating with other coworkers and always tries to keep the communication open and honest.” – a staff member

  • Jillian has been a valued Clark College employee since 2020.
  • Jillian cares about equity and care for other coworkers.
  • Jillian has a positive attitude and is always inviting and welcoming to all.

Katia Quintero, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI)

“Katia is an outstanding coach and often goes the extra mile to support students, ODEI events and plays an instrumental role in helping to plan, implement and facilitate Noche de Familia” – a staff member

  • Katia has been a valued Clark College employee since 2022.
  • Katia is always demonstrating support for all students and is consistent with providing support for student groups that include students of color, queer and students with a disability. She is warm and welcoming to all students and is an advocate for Latinx students.
  • Katia works with many different departments on campus when working to support students. She walks students to departments, sits in appointments if the student requests, and communicates with others on campus to make sure the student is helped and is able to access the necessary resources.

Lindsey McKim, Security and Safety Services

“Lindsey McKim exceeds expectations in the role of Clark College Columbia Tech Center Campus Security Officer for the Department of Security & Safety Services. As a crucial entity here at CTC campus, Lindsey’s role adapts to change in a soothing and calm manner with ease. She also demonstrates that she works well under pressure with a positive attitude and is detail-oriented; especially when it comes to the safety of others. Lindsey goes beyond the call of duty by inquiring and following up on additional responsibilities. It has been a pleasure working with Lindsey. I feel safe coming to campus knowing that she is looking out for the safety of students, staff, and others.” – a staff member

  • Lindsey has been a valued Clark College employee since 2018.
  • She has made herself a valuable member of the Security/Safety Department, and Clark College. Lindsey’s “can do” attitude has made her someone that the campus community can rely on. Lindsey’s unwavering desire for self-reflection, and self-improvement, are unparalleled.
  • In 2022, Lindsey was one of two officers selected to represent Clark at a “Women in Law Enforcement” conference. Her primary contribution related to this conference was that she brought some of the lessons and important “takeaways” from the conference back to our department, so that her peers could take advantage of the education she received.

Marla Derrick, Athletics

“Marla goes above and beyond for the Athletic Department and Clark College students. She has practiced the Clark Care’s commitments during her entire career by regularly walking students or new coaches to offices around campus, greeting people on campus, and knowing students, staff, and community members by name” – a staff member

  • Marla has been a valued Clark College employee since 2008.
  • Marla’s known by Clark College athletes as the team mom because she cares that they succeed at Clark. She has been known to give food to students who need a snack and she takes the time to listen to them talk about their lives.
  • With all the time and care that Marla dedicates to the Athletic Department, it might be surprising that she also takes the time to be on campus committees, volunteer for things like ushering for the theatre department, and enjoys some fun times building bonds with the students by participating in intramural events like staff vs student softball or dodgeball games.

Tracy Eyler, Child and Family Studies

“Tracy is always looking for a way to improve her work and support others in their work. Her sense of team is exceptional. Through change, unknowns, being short staffed, navigating a pandemic, and being present on campus this entire time, Tracy has provided consistency and leadership in this role of program support”- a staff member

  • Tracy has been a valued Clark College employee since 2004.
  • Tracy has been in the front line of service at Child Family Services and has demonstrated professionalism, dedication, organization, and taking initiative to make sure processes were in the best interests of the program and for children.
  • Tracy covered shifts when there was no one available to fill in. With her program support team, she makes sure that schedules and classrooms are covered and has done this with reduced staffing.

Vickie Malcolm, Facilities Services

“Vickie always brings and friendly face early in the morning, when we are arriving to campus. She makes sure the rooms are clean and ready for classes.”- a staff member

  • Vickie has been a valued Clark College employee since 2007.
  • Vickie helps students find their lost and found items, helps students that are confused or lost in the hallways find classes, or finds someone to help them. This promotes a very positive building atmosphere. She is cheerful and helpful and that attitude is contagious.
  • Goes above and beyond her job of cleaning to also helping the students and staff, and greets people warmly.