Student Art Show

Archer Gallery exhibits students’ work in annual show

Art student Lizette Torson winner of best painting with Grant Hottle chair of art department.

Archer Gallery was buzzing as dozens of student artists stood in front of their creations and talked to art appreciators about their work.

The opening reception and awards ceremony for the Art Student Annual exhibition of Clark College art students drew students, faculty, staff, family members and the community.

Although the gallery’s student art show returned to an in-person event last year, it was subdued. This year, it was noisy. The space was filled with conversations and people connecting over art.

“This is the first student art exhibit that feels like we’re back,” said Grant Hottle, art department chair. “We have an astonishing level of work here. Our art faculty are great. We have an extraordinary group of students who work hard.”

There were 150 submissions of student work for this year’s show; 65 pieces were chosen, said Archer Gallery Director Kendra Larson. Students created their work in the past year. Their art professors curated the work.

“The strength and breath of this artwork reflects the hard work, dedication, and unique voices of our amazing Clark Students,” said Larson. “It was a fun celebration of all the art students and their hard work.”

Artwork will be on display from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday until the closing reception on June 9.

Awards prizes were provided by Blick Art Materials, Georgies Ceramics and Clay, Gamblin Paint, Clay Art Center, PICA, McClain’s Printmaking, Collage, ProPhoto Supply, and Blue Moon Camera and Machine.

Student Syd Ness with his award-winning digital art.

Award Winners

The awards juror was Prudence Roberts, writer, curator, and art historian. Here are her choices:

  • Most Ambitious – Samantha Garcia Ortiz, for “Wine & Cheese Glasses Master Study”
  • Solo Show Award – Lissette Torson
  • Most Poignant – Syd Ness, for “Self Portrait”
  • Best in Photography – Richard Cole, for “This Too shall Pass”
  • Second in Photography – Tahnee Calderon Hernandez, for “Win a Prize”
  • Third in Photography – Julia Smook, for “Lab”
  • Best in Drawing – Colin Johnson, for “A Quiet Place”
  • Second in Drawing – Chelsie Cannon, for “10 things I Thought Were Good Ideas at the Time”
  • Best in Painting – Lissette Torson, for “Growth”
  • Second in Painting – Juan Carlos Garcia, for “Civilization”
  • Best in Ceramics – Denise Ostlund, for “Beyond Belief #2”

Photos: Clark College/Susan Parrish