2024 OSWALD Awards

More than 100 students recognized for their outstanding achievements

Clark’s Student Ambassadors receive OSWALD Awards.

Clark College students were recognized for their outstanding achievements during the annual OSWALD Awards on May 30 in Gaiser Student Center. These students were selected because they are Outstanding Students With Academic Leadership and Development Skills (OSWALD).

Clark College President Dr. Karin Edwards welcomed the students and their families. She told the students who will graduate in three weeks: “I’m incredibly excited for you. Don’t let anyone minimize your accomplishment. Congratulations!”

To all the award winners she said, “I want you to know how happy I am for you. Know that you are always a part of Clark College. You can wear your Penguin proudly.”

More than 100 awards were bestowed on Clark students in these categories: Academic Award, Outstanding Student Employee Award, Outstanding Student in a Department Award, Outstanding Student in an ASCC Club Award, and Outstanding Student in an ASCC Program Award.

The Penguin Award

Running Start student and ASCC Vice President Elizabeth Swift receives the 2024 Penguin Award from Dr. Edwards.

The final award was the Penguin Award, awarded annually to a student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and service to the Clark College community. This award is based on the student’s performance in the following areas: academics, leadership, community, and college service. A committee of staff and students reviews nominations and selects the student for this award.

Penguin Award Nominees

  • Stephanie Crocker
  • Melina Doan
  • Ziyad El Amrani
  • Sienna Hahn
  • Emily Subroto

Penguin Award Winner

  • Elizabeth Swift, ASCC Vice President

Academic Award

  • Jasmina Camacena, Communication Studies
  • Pamela Crawford, Communication Studies
  • Dorji Damdul, Communication Studies
  • Joshua DeWees, Communication Studies
  • Tysson Dykes, Communication Studies
  • Sidney Exum, Communication Studies
  • Vella Hongel, Communication Studies
  • Avery LeCocq, Communication Studies
  • Carolina Lovato, Communication Studies
  • Emma Mady, Communication Studies
  • Ian McCuen, Communication Studies
  • Cassandra McDaniel, Communication Studies
  • Natalie Perdun, Communication Studies
  • Angeline Stefanyuk, Communication Studies
  • Kimberly Troncoso, Communication Studies
  • Elliott Vazquez, Communication Studies
  • Spencer Venable, Communication Studies
  • Kristina Zubrovych, Communication Studies
  • Cameron Steiger, Communication Studies/College 101
  • Mieta Branch, Early Childhood Education
  • Vanessa Herrera, Early Childhood Education
  • Vash Martinez, Early Childhood Education
  • Brenden Prothe, Physics
  • Paige Cook, Sociology
Joshua DeWees with his supporters at the photo booth.

Outstanding Student Employee Award

  • Anna Bondar, Child and Family Studies
  • Olena Bondar, Child and Family Studies
  • Mia Caggianese, Child and Family Studies
  • Grace Chen, Child and Family Studies
  • Jozi Eller, Child and Family Studies
  • Cindy Ildefonzo, Child and Family Studies
  • Kristen Jensen-Minkler, Child and Family Studies
  • Aspen Mallory, Child and Family Studies
  • Uliana Rudoi-Kostyshyn, Child and Family Studies
  • Ami Teramura, Child and Family Studies
  • Naomi Lauser, Environmental Health & Safety Dept.
  • Cassandra Williams, Environmental Health & Safety Dept.
  • Jessie Donehey, Library
  • Paden Geddings, Library
  • Preston Hagan, Library
  • Daniel Diego Hernandez, Multicultural Student Affairs Peer Mentors
  • Tracy Fung, Multicultural Student Affairs Peer Mentors
  • Leonardo Miguel Gallardo Dextre, Multicultural Student Affairs Peer Mentors
  • Mercy Kariuki, Multicultural Student Affairs Peer Mentors
  • Susanna Sixto, Multicultural Student Affairs Peer Mentors
  • Zachary Pfenning, Transitional Studies
  • LilyAnna Babien, Tutoring Services
  • Caroline Campbell, Tutoring Services
  • Hailey Cassell, Tutoring Services
  • Anna Chaffee, Tutoring Services
  • Jessica Clark, Tutoring Services
  • Gurraj Dhami, Tutoring Services
  • Hana Feldheger, Tutoring Services
  • Eric Holtz, Tutoring Services
  • Grant Hovik, Tutoring Services
  • Kennadi Jones, Tutoring Services
  • Nicholas Le, Tutoring Services
  • Emma Mady, Tutoring Services
  • Michelle Nguyen, Tutoring Services
  • Ambrosia Stringer, Tutoring Services

Outstanding Student in a Department Award

  • Lindsey Bross, Art
  • Tanya English, Early Childhood Education
  • Sarah Timmer, Early Childhood Education
  • Ian Arellano Mendez, Music Department
  • Lana White, Music Department
  • Casey Nichols, Pharmacy Technician
  • Eduardo Ramírez, Spanish Department
  • Rohan Benda, Tutoring Services

Outstanding Student in an ASCC Club Award

  • Colton Coughran, Japanese Club
  • Jessie Mendoza, Japanese Club
  • Sydney Phanthamath, Japanese Club
  • Braedon Pitman, Japanese Club
  • Zoe Rojas, Japanese Club
  • Yaksi Amezcua, Spanish Club
  • Ayden Borgoyne, Spanish Club
  • Justin Cayambe, Spanish Club
  • Nathan Gauna, Spanish Club
  • Carolina Lovato, Spanish Club
  • Eduardo Ramirez, Spanish Club
  • Emily Subroto, Spanish Club
  • Stephanie Wagner, Spanish Club
The Spanish Club gathered in the photo booth for a fun keepsake photo.

Outstanding Student in an ASCC Program Award

  • Justin Cayambe Molina, Activities Programming Board
  • Hanna Colwell, Activities Programming Board
  • Austin Newton, Activities Programming Board
  • Jaelyn Sayler, Activities Programming Board
  • Mia Autumn, Aerospace & Robotics
  • Alex Kari, Aerospace & Robotics
  • Ethan Walter, Aerospace & Robotics
  • Emma Sturm, ASCC Student Government
  • Kathryn Johnston, Model United Nations
  • Chela Donaldson, Orchestra
  • Hana Feldheger, Orchestra
  • DayAn Le, Orchestra
  • Jackie Steidel, Orchestra
  • Ziyad El Amrani, Phi Theta Kappa
  • Michael Harrison, Phi Theta Kappa
  • Mary Harter, Phi Theta Kappa
  • Addison Johnson, Phi Theta Kappa
  • Natalie Perdun, Phi Theta Kappa
  • Nikhil Sahgal, Phi Theta Kappa
  • Fennic Tatum, Phi Theta Kappa
  • Connor Slattery-Piatt, STEM Nerd Girls & Engineering Program
  • Johanna Wagner, STEM Nerd Girls & Engineering Program
  • Madi Beck, Student Ambassadors
  • Kaden Cole, Student Ambassadors
  • Ziyad El Amrani, Student Ambassadors
  • Jude Georgeades-Tambara, Student Ambassadors
  • Mary Harter, Student Ambassadors
  • Tiffany Lounsbury, Student Ambassadors
Award recipient Ziyad El Amrani takes a selfie with Clark College President Dr. Karin Edwards at the OSWALD Awards.

Learn more at  OSWALD Awards (clark.edu)

Photos: Clark College/Susan Parrish