Spring 2024 Classified Staff Excellence Award

Tre Sandlin is the spring award recipient

Tre Sandlin

Congratulations, William (Tre) Sandlin, Instructional Accessibility Specialist in the Teaching and Learning Center for receiving the Spring 2024 Classified Staff Excellence Award.

A warm congratulations to the other award nominees:

  • Laura Borgman, Secretary Senior, Transitional Studies Division
  • Stephanie Hall, Secretary Senior, WPTE+ STEM Unit
  • Sergey Kachenkov, IT System Administration Entry, Library Services
  • Abby Ocean, Fiscal Specialist 2, Facilities Services
  • Brandi Roberts, Communications Officer 1, Security & Safety Services

Excerpts from Tre’s nomination:

“Tre takes the necessary time to assess the impacts of our work could have on his peers. I have the privilege of working with Tre creating accessible content. His awareness of trauma and racism and how they come into play for the content we see and deal with has made all the difference to me. For example, we were enrolled in a class about mass genocides, and one week covered mass genocides in Africa. Instead of passing that content onto me, a Black colleague, he took on that work. I could visibly see the effects it had on him. He expressed his knowledge of how racism played in mass genocides and his understanding of how that content could have affected me.”

“He serves on the art committee, and he has worked to make sure that the art being displayed is inclusive and diverse.”

“Tre works incredibly hard to make sure students have access to their learning materials so they can be successful in class and at the college regardless of their identities, experiences, or abilities. He is the fastest accessibility editor I have ever met, and he is always ready to offer support, encouragement, and expert guidance to faculty and staff who are trying to improve the accessibility of their work.”

Left to Right: Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Vanessa Neal with Tre Sandlin who received a completion certificate at the BUILD graduation ceremony this spring.

“Tre is so clearly committed to creating a world where all people are welcome and treated with respect and dignity. Tre has contributed greatly to checking the Braille signage at both the main campus and CTC as part of his work with the universal design committee. Tre just recently finished his year as part of the BUILD program and is continuing to work with his project partners. Honestly, Tre’s contributions to the college cannot be emphasized enough in terms of his work ethic, his sustained efforts to improve accessibility, and his support of students and colleagues. Tre is always striving to learn more and do better to create a more inclusive and caring workplace for all of us.”

About the Classified Staff Awards

Established in 2005, the Classified Staff Excellence Award recognizes classified staff who have demonstrated exemplary work performance, a positive and cooperative spirit, special achievements, or contributions to the college community, and supports individual and organizational diversity and inclusion. Through the support of the Clark College Foundation, the recipient will receive a $400 cash award.

Nominees must be a current classified employee who has been in their current position for more than six months. Award recipients will not be eligible for another award for three years. Visit the Clark College Employee Recognition page to learn more about this award and other ways to acknowledge the value and dedication of our staff and faculty.

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